1. Design Consultation and Architectural services:

We offer a range of architecture and interior design services. We appreciate the fact that every client is different and that is why we are able to develop solutions  based on your requirements, budget and your time frame. This include any architectural services : drawing development, construction details, project management, planning and building permission. It can also include other design services such as event planning.

2. Fabrication and Construction Services:

We specialize in computational design [ robotics and digital machines] That means we are capable of designing and delivering cutting-edge design prototypes using laser-cutting  machines, cnc- milling machines, 3d-printers and robots.

3. Smart Products for Interior and Exterior Application:

Integrating our knowledge and the industry demand, we invest a lot of our time in research developing intelligent systems for a diversity of applications ( partitions, smart
ceilings, custom lighting fittings, custom wall/floor tiles).  Request our catalogue for further information.

4. 3D Architectural Visualization:

We provide exterior and interior 3D -modelling services that cover various types and scales of a building project. FabLab Cy collaborates with architects, interior designers,
professional engineers and private clients to generate high quality, accurate, and realistic 3d-rendering services. We work hard to help you bring your ideas into matter:
– Interior visual
-Exterior visual
– Interior Visual 360o
-Virtual Reality

If you want to view samples of our work from our previous clients, please view our portfolio


If you are interested to discover more about our price list, please use our contact form.

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